Thursday, December 18, 2014

David and Goliath

I cant help but imagine how goliath must have felt after been struck on the forehead by the stone david catapulted at him "OH! I should have believed in that name JEHOVAH..But instead i made a jest of it"...That must have been his thought before he was beheaded.

Well,here is an illustration of David and goliath before the actual incidents,goliath seems playful and happy here,not knowing what was awaiting him.Had fun doing this though.Enjoy!

Witch smile

Animation exercise I did to understand "face muscle and appeal" was fun.."don't just animate a normal person smile..try to animate a witch(mostly frown their face) to smile"...that's what I did here which make it appealing I

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Modern mudhouse

Since another thing i like to do apart from animating is illustrating children's books ( a thing im still wishing, haven't started yet professionally )...when I picked up sketch book pro, my plan was to keep exploring painting Styles until I find the one that's friendly to the kids completely...I kept practicing, but one sure thing is I have the picture in my head all I need is find an artist that does similar style of painting then I will know this is the style...well,Thank God everything changed when I saw the works of a female french artist coralie vallageas...I pointed to her illustrations and told myself " thats the style of kids illustration I want to do"...the arts are beautiful and gentle ( I had to use that word gentle ) illustrations...I spoke with her and she kindly gave me couples of advice and links to study which are helpful...I even did some studies from one of the books she did...i will post one of the study and the modern mudhouse is a concept I designed using the style im in love with already..hey and for those that will love to see this beautiful lady works you can check them HERE