Thursday, December 18, 2014

David and Goliath

I cant help but imagine how goliath must have felt after been struck on the forehead by the stone david catapulted at him "OH! I should have believed in that name JEHOVAH..But instead i made a jest of it"...That must have been his thought before he was beheaded.

Well,here is an illustration of David and goliath before the actual incidents,goliath seems playful and happy here,not knowing what was awaiting him.Had fun doing this though.Enjoy!

Witch smile

Animation exercise I did to understand "face muscle and appeal" was fun.."don't just animate a normal person smile..try to animate a witch(mostly frown their face) to smile"...that's what I did here which make it appealing I

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Modern mudhouse

Since another thing i like to do apart from animating is illustrating children's books ( a thing im still wishing, haven't started yet professionally )...when I picked up sketch book pro, my plan was to keep exploring painting Styles until I find the one that's friendly to the kids completely...I kept practicing, but one sure thing is I have the picture in my head all I need is find an artist that does similar style of painting then I will know this is the style...well,Thank God everything changed when I saw the works of a female french artist coralie vallageas...I pointed to her illustrations and told myself " thats the style of kids illustration I want to do"...the arts are beautiful and gentle ( I had to use that word gentle ) illustrations...I spoke with her and she kindly gave me couples of advice and links to study which are helpful...I even did some studies from one of the books she did...i will post one of the study and the modern mudhouse is a concept I designed using the style im in love with already..hey and for those that will love to see this beautiful lady works you can check them HERE

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Animation phase what's next #moveon

Im happy to announce the conclusion of the animation stage of "be sure" animated short,which wrapped up some of you know that I have been on this project for almost a year now (seriously, time spent on it if im to calculate should be a total of 3 months) but due to other things I have been doing, I have been going on and off on the project which slowed down the production...when first starting last year,I spent a month drafting the story and creating the character (nutty) and perfecting him to look like what I wanted him to look like, after been happy with the design, I moved on to the storyboard stage which took a day or two to complete.Then, I was new to the software I was planning to use for the short (smith micro anime studio pro -its really a cool software you should try out), so apart from creating my characters from scratch in the software, I had to visit their forum to get tutorials on some things I don't know about the software..well, blah blah the end I got used to the software interface and then I took off with the building and rigging of the characters.Well thats just a brief history of how the short started production...will be letting you guys know what actually inspired this short...and I will post the first nutty I designed when im able to get it from my archive.Thanks guys for the long wait...just have in mind now that editing have already started and before the end of the year (2014), you should be meeting nutty.

And hey for those that don't know what I do when im not touching my stuffs, well im currently animating for the wonderful studio EVCL that is producing Africa number 1 acclaimed kid show "bino and fino"...its a wonderful experience getting to work on the show.You should get one of the dvds for your kids here celebrate the conclusion of 'be sure" animation phase I decided to quickly sketch a poster.Enjoy below

Animation I called "scared to death"

Below is the link to an animation I did to exercise some animation principles
And you can see the character design too below

Scared to death:

A caveman

This caveman was my entry into the 4forfan facebook was fun trying out a new kind of brush I discovered in sketch book pro...well the final result was cool,hoping to be better next time.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A bit of entertainment

Its been a while I must say,just as you must have guessed, its all due to meeting deadlines here and there,putting down a drawing and completing that same day can't  be as easy as it seems..but for everything, there is always balance. You can have lot of gigs and still be able to do your stuffs,it all boils down to your ability to think.

Recently I was studying from the master glen Keane from the lecture he had with calart students, animating live in front of them (can't wait for the day I'll be in this kinda gathering too,seems CTN expo can make that come through for me)... As animator,I noticed how he was trying to become the old man he was animating,he was animating sincerely and at the same time,he added entertainment to the scene,you know as he was animating,he kept saying,"how can I make this more intetesting"...I was inspired after watching the lecture. Well,I did my own animation too but will be posting it sometimes later.All this is just to let us know as animator that whatever scene we are given to animate,let's ask our self even though its sad scene,how can we put a bit of entertainment that at the end of the sad scene the audience can still be able to smile even though they are soaked in the sad moment.

I hope to keep inspiring Animators out there,just as some beautiful animators have out of their tight scheduled taken time to inspire me.

Below are drawings I did of recent.Thank you

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Zombie Family

Zombie entry for the 4forFan group on facebook, the 2 images below shows the rough and final product.Enjoy

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The rough concept

Yeah this is the rough concept that later became the finished was fun having to do many roughs to arrive at this.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Viking

My entry for the viking on the fun group I just joined on Facebook (4for FAN). It was fun creating this character. Giving credit to the artist that inspired this style of art "Luigi Lucarelli"..Thanks to you.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Drawings drawings drawings

Hi great friends,I know its been a while,but guess what I have been piling up artworks to post (you see,I told you guys I won't disappoint)..Well the thing is i've been working on multiple projects ( including my upcoming animated short) that's has given me limited time to spend online and trust me I think about posting here all the time just like the great Disney animator Andreas deja still do till now(God bless you Mr.Deja).So all I'm saying is accept my apology for keeping you guys in the dark for long(I'm sorrrrrryy#crying#)

    You guys can't believe what I just discovered, and if you don't know I'm exploring it now that every everyday I'm falling in love with,hey hey its just a software and its SKETCH BOOK PRO (I know I know some of you will be like "pffft are you kidding me? Did you just discovered that?) No no I've known the software since its inception but I never did give it a try until nooooow...OK I've done some things with the software and I'm hoping to improve.And again the good news(especially for animators like myself) is SKETCH BOOK PRO 7 is out and it has a timeline(yes!!!) You can animate on it..don't have much details on that but you can sure get details from here

Monday, July 7, 2014

As an animators,life drawing study is really vital.So as not to be drawing static images...well these are some studies i did to understand the female body flow more.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Here is the youtube LINK to a snippet of my animated short which im still working seriously on..and below you can see some screen cap and designs i made before i started the animation..Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I have always wanted to practice some basic animations with a flour sack...well this LINK leads to a jumping flour sack animation that i did,let me just say first in the series of others flour sack actions i want to animate...enjoy

below are some of the thumbnails sketches i did before jumping into animating the flour sack.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Character design practice

These are some character sketches I did after animating the whole day.. It was fun though...enjoy!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Meet Austin the wimp

Hi Everyone, here is something i did during my leisure time...i know i still have a lot to learn in my painting(values,composition and more)...but as we all know practice makes perfect,internationally i get inspiration from sarah mesinga(if you dont know her check the end credits of such movies as THE ANT BULLY and ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH).And i get inspiration from my good and great artist friends here in Nigeria,segun samson and john zino(hey dont let your head swell if you two are seeing this..hehehe).Thanks guys for the support all the way,i still have lot of people to thank but i will do that gradually,not now though.Ok you guys should have a wonderful time doing your stuff,will get back here soon with more drawings and animations.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Gig

Hi guys,long time I have to may be wondering why I haven't posted any drawings recently ,well the good news is(yes! Its good news) I just got a gig as an animator(well still undergoing some secondary training) in one of the best 2d animation company in Nigeria known as Sporedust media the guys that did the widely acclaimed animated shot CHICKEN CORE: RISE OF KINGS which got a spot on cartoon brew and was even praised by toon boom(hell yeah! Toon boom showcased it on their site).for guys who haven't seen the shot here is a don't hesitate to check it out..enough of the praise!
     Well as I was saying,I got the opportunity of working with one of the Nigerian best animators and artists,and I jumped at it..I have to say now that the two weeks I have spent at the studio(Sporedust media) has been full of mad fun!!!..and I have learnt a great lot in short period of time.I have not been able to post my drawings not because I wasn't drawing but because I was busy fact I can't count the drawings I'm piling to post soon..I have drawn a lot and animate a lot. Now what I'm concern about is that a big project is starting soon which will really make me very busy due to the fact that Sporedust have a short period of time deadline to please guys bare with me..but I promise I will always post my drawings when I have the slightest chance..and about my upcoming short(which I'm still working on)..I guess I will have to tell you about that sometimes later..well here is a sketch I did when planning some scenes in my short...Thanks guys..till I come back here again I will say keep drawing(or keep doing that which you like the best).

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

random sketches

check out some of this fun random sketches