Thursday, October 9, 2014

A bit of entertainment

Its been a while I must say,just as you must have guessed, its all due to meeting deadlines here and there,putting down a drawing and completing that same day can't  be as easy as it seems..but for everything, there is always balance. You can have lot of gigs and still be able to do your stuffs,it all boils down to your ability to think.

Recently I was studying from the master glen Keane from the lecture he had with calart students, animating live in front of them (can't wait for the day I'll be in this kinda gathering too,seems CTN expo can make that come through for me)... As animator,I noticed how he was trying to become the old man he was animating,he was animating sincerely and at the same time,he added entertainment to the scene,you know as he was animating,he kept saying,"how can I make this more intetesting"...I was inspired after watching the lecture. Well,I did my own animation too but will be posting it sometimes later.All this is just to let us know as animator that whatever scene we are given to animate,let's ask our self even though its sad scene,how can we put a bit of entertainment that at the end of the sad scene the audience can still be able to smile even though they are soaked in the sad moment.

I hope to keep inspiring Animators out there,just as some beautiful animators have out of their tight scheduled taken time to inspire me.

Below are drawings I did of recent.Thank you

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