Thursday, April 30, 2015

These are some pages from a children's book app which i illustrated,i really enjoyed doing this drawings,it was a learning curve for me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I hate it when i go to an organisation and i see a worker there who looks fed up with life or something,it shows you are not happy with your job!..So i'd say you should switch to what you like doing..its not too late.Thank you..Check out that Judge below,who seems to be lost in the thought of his true passion.Don't get bored unneccessarily,find what you like and do it and MOVE ON...In the Oscar awarded Disney Big hero 6,There is a scene where Hiro was trying to report a crime to a police man who looked very bored,believe me its no coincidence that disney put that police in that scene,I bet they are trying to preach the same thing Im preaching with this drawing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Im glad to get this to you,its just to practice how a page should look like in a children storybook.Still have to work on many things to get to a very good children illustration level..and as you all must have noticed,i have started my 3d animation career,Since i have lot to learn,its now slowing down my practice of children's book illustration...But balancing the game is what im trying to accomplish now,Thank God for great podcasts from the Bancroft brothers "Getting artistic balance",it has really helped me understand some crucial ways the artist should handle learning,job,girlfriends(had to put that) and all..I am facing all this struggle today to be able to accomplish my goal of becoming the best character animator to emerge from africa,So getting to work at such studio as disney feature animation,dreamworks,bluesky,pixar,ILM are what im working towards everyday...And the other is to have a children christian book that will eventually be turned into an animated series,that will have great impact positively in the world and add to the kingdom of God.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

heavy and light P1 mp4

Hi all,Here is my third bouncing ball exercise to improve in timing and spacing,After researching references to start with the animation,i saw one particular image of light and heavy ball time chart which had a barrier in the middle,i decided to go with the same setting in the time chart...but i had to tweak the time in some places i thought its needed,but the image really helped me to understand what im about to do and helped me through the animation.I will still try to trace the image to its source so i can acknowledge the person who saved my life in animating a heavy and light ball so easily that i spent little time animating it and i learnt lot of things