Monday, August 25, 2014

Drawings drawings drawings

Hi great friends,I know its been a while,but guess what I have been piling up artworks to post (you see,I told you guys I won't disappoint)..Well the thing is i've been working on multiple projects ( including my upcoming animated short) that's has given me limited time to spend online and trust me I think about posting here all the time just like the great Disney animator Andreas deja still do till now(God bless you Mr.Deja).So all I'm saying is accept my apology for keeping you guys in the dark for long(I'm sorrrrrryy#crying#)

    You guys can't believe what I just discovered, and if you don't know I'm exploring it now that every everyday I'm falling in love with,hey hey its just a software and its SKETCH BOOK PRO (I know I know some of you will be like "pffft are you kidding me? Did you just discovered that?) No no I've known the software since its inception but I never did give it a try until nooooow...OK I've done some things with the software and I'm hoping to improve.And again the good news(especially for animators like myself) is SKETCH BOOK PRO 7 is out and it has a timeline(yes!!!) You can animate on it..don't have much details on that but you can sure get details from here


  1. nice..i really love the way the characters look..i think sketchbook pro works well for you

  2. Thank you segun samson..And about sketchbook pro yes you are right