Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Animation phase completed...so what's next #moveon

Im happy to announce the conclusion of the animation stage of "be sure" animated short,which wrapped up today.as some of you know that I have been on this project for almost a year now (seriously, time spent on it if im to calculate should be a total of 3 months) but due to other things I have been doing, I have been going on and off on the project which slowed down the production...when first starting last year,I spent a month drafting the story and creating the character (nutty) and perfecting him to look like what I wanted him to look like, after been happy with the design, I moved on to the storyboard stage which took a day or two to complete.Then, I was new to the software I was planning to use for the short (smith micro anime studio pro -its really a cool software you should try out), so apart from creating my characters from scratch in the software, I had to visit their forum to get tutorials on some things I don't know about the software..well, blah blah blah..at the end I got used to the software interface and then I took off with the building and rigging of the characters.Well thats just a brief history of how the short started production...will be letting you guys know what actually inspired this short...and I will post the first nutty I designed when im able to get it from my archive.Thanks guys for the long wait...just have in mind now that editing have already started and before the end of the year (2014), you should be meeting nutty.

And hey for those that don't know what I do when im not touching my stuffs, well im currently animating for the wonderful studio EVCL that is producing Africa number 1 acclaimed kid show "bino and fino"...its a wonderful experience getting to work on the show.You should get one of the dvds for your kids here

Alrighty...to celebrate the conclusion of 'be sure" animation phase I decided to quickly sketch a poster.Enjoy below