Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Gig

Hi guys,long time I have to may be wondering why I haven't posted any drawings recently ,well the good news is(yes! Its good news) I just got a gig as an animator(well still undergoing some secondary training) in one of the best 2d animation company in Nigeria known as Sporedust media the guys that did the widely acclaimed animated shot CHICKEN CORE: RISE OF KINGS which got a spot on cartoon brew and was even praised by toon boom(hell yeah! Toon boom showcased it on their site).for guys who haven't seen the shot here is a don't hesitate to check it out..enough of the praise!
     Well as I was saying,I got the opportunity of working with one of the Nigerian best animators and artists,and I jumped at it..I have to say now that the two weeks I have spent at the studio(Sporedust media) has been full of mad fun!!!..and I have learnt a great lot in short period of time.I have not been able to post my drawings not because I wasn't drawing but because I was busy fact I can't count the drawings I'm piling to post soon..I have drawn a lot and animate a lot. Now what I'm concern about is that a big project is starting soon which will really make me very busy due to the fact that Sporedust have a short period of time deadline to please guys bare with me..but I promise I will always post my drawings when I have the slightest chance..and about my upcoming short(which I'm still working on)..I guess I will have to tell you about that sometimes later..well here is a sketch I did when planning some scenes in my short...Thanks guys..till I come back here again I will say keep drawing(or keep doing that which you like the best).