Monday, February 10, 2014

Ogboju ode (a yoruba dark fantasy novel written by Daniel O.Fagunwa)

One of the novels I enjoyed reading as a kid was a pulp fiction book written by the great late Yoruba writer Daniel O.Fagunwa...the book when read out then to me by my sister use to bring fear into my soul and I use to imagine I was the hunter (namely "akara Ogun")...its a book I will still advice Yoruba book freaks to add to their library...and again the good news is THERE IS NOW AN ENGLISH VERSION...translated by the legendary Prof. Wole Soyinka titled BRAVE HUNTER IN THE FOREST OF THE THOUSAND DAEMONS...well,enough of the history!!!...I decided to do some designs of the book protagonist "Akara Ogun" just to refresh childhood memories.... Well check it out below...